The Color Shift block construction is straight forward and simple to sew.  This week’s video includes sewing a block, and my plans to sew all the blocks quickly. First, you want to familiarize yourself with the pressing instructions, and know the plan before you begin. The simplicity of the blocks makes me want to jump ahead, but there’s a few key steps that will make sewing the blocks together into a quilt top even better.

Block Construction

In my video, you’ll see the two seam block construction. And my tips for organizing pieces to sew through them quickly while chain-piecing. If you aren’t comfortable chain-piecing watch my video all about it here.

The pattern includes four sizes, and to make it different sizes doesn’t mean more blocks! I’ve scaled the blocks so that you have the same visual impact no matter what size you decide to make. Baby, throw, twin, and king sizes are all included and easy to make.

You can start the quilt-along anytime, I will send you information about getting started and where to find all the video instruction that you will need to begin.

In the videos, I plan to share the fabric selection process, simple cutting and piecing strategies that any quilter can use, and quilting plans.

It’s really a fun pattern to sew up and I hope that you’ll join me!


Color Shift Quilt Along – Block Construction

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