Quilt making can be a drawn out process. Many times the biggest hurdle is in making the decision to start! My Pickle Juice quilt is an effort to eliminate excess fabric choices, so that you can quickly begin!

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As a young mom I started quilting to bring some semblance of sanity to my daily routine. I was constantly feeding, clothing, and cleaning up after my kids, but not taking time to nuture myself. With my youngest in diapers still, I learned the importance of taking time for myself and feeding my creativity. Making quilting part of my daily routine, made me happy, and a better mom too!

My most recent set of patterns takes me back to when I didn’t have a lot of time, but I made the most of it! Setting up the ironing board in the living room and the sewing machine at the kitchen table kept me available to my kids and making progress on my projects. AND that sense of accomplishment when I finished a quilt was so huge! The bonus was and is seeing my family use the quilts that I have made for them over the years.

Pickle Juice

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Pickle Juice is a great quilt for the quilter-on-the-go! Two fabrics to select means you can get started with just a couple of decisions. The pattern includes strip-piecing, which is a huge timesaver for the modern quilter. And I’ve included four quilt sizes, so that you can make the size of quilt that is best for you!

Pickle Juice details by Amy Ellis
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I quilted this with simple straight lines that you can achieve on your standard sewing machine at home, with just a little masking tape. Of course you can customize the quilt to your liking with fabric choices and quilting plans. I wanted to show you how simple, yet interesting a quilt can be, and encourage you to find your creative outlet if you haven’t yet!

I had a lot of fun making this quilt, and hope that you will too!


Pickle Juice Quilt
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