I hope you are enjoying the creative process of the Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along with me! I love cutting all my pieces at the very beginning and then sewing through all the pieces. Not only is it relaxing for me, but it allows me to focus and save time too.

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Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along

We will do a good amount of sewing this week, thankfully there’s no seams to match up. It fairly relaxing to sew a set of squares together, don’t you think? Be sure to watch all of the video for a few tips on how I randomize my pieces as I sew. And a little bit of a challenge for those of you that usually plan out every detail in your quilts.

Double-check your pattern for the number of double and triple square sets you need for the quilt size you are making. And get busy at the machine! This is my favorite type of sewing – there are no wrong fabric choices since we selected them all to go into the same quilt at the beginning!

Have you found a favorite fabric combination in your piecing yet? Or two maybe? I’m super fond of the graphic prints that are in my fat quarters, sewing together the medium squares this week is going to be a treat!

Let me know if you have questions as you stitch – I’m glad to be of help whenever I can.

As always, the videos will be available when you are ready to sew along, so keep your eye out for the perfect fat quarter set that you can sew. 


Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along posts:

This quilt-along is perfect for beginner quilters, and more experienced quilters looking to sew up their fat quarter stash. 

Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along — Week 4

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