As in many art forms, tradition often inspires the current creations. That said, I think it’s important to recognize tradition as I update quilts for current makers. Modern Wedge is a quilt that uses the half-square triangle unit and has been in quilts many, many times over.

Most noticeably I’ve added negative space around the triangle which also means I’ve reduced the number of triangles in the quilt. For most quilters this is a bonus, and for new quilters I think it’s necessary! I really don’t want to cause overwhelm as you are stitching!

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Modern Wedge

As a quilter, including the famed half-square triangle (HST) in your quilting repertoire will make you a more diverse quilter. Not making HST’s can limit your pattern choices, which is why I think HST’s are a great skill builder in Modern Wedge.

Modern Wedge by Amy Ellis
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In Modern Wedge I’ve alternated the pieced blocks with simple squares of fabric. Doing so, is very strategic, and adds to the modern feel of the quilt.

The blocks can easily be turned as you lay out the quilt pieces for a unique quilt made by you. For me, this is the best part of quilting! I love making a quilt for my friends and family and know that they will love it because I made it specifically for them.

Pattern Details

As with most of my patterns I’ve included four different quilt sizes, therefore you can make the size that you need and want. Having all the options offers you the best results in your quilts

Also included in the pattern is step by step directions for making your HST’s, along with the time-saving method for making two units at one time, and exactly what size to trim the units to.

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To quilt Modern Wedge, I added random diagonal lines to the quilt top. I love the way this quilting adds texture, and allows the piecing to be the focal point. However, you could also do straight lines of quilting parallel to one edge, and it would also be great!

You can add similar lines of quilting to your quilt top, by marking a line to follow with masking tape. I suggest a walking foot for your machine, and a large table to support your quilt as you stitch.

If you are a more experienced quilter, this project will be very fun to make. And it won’t take you weeks and week to make and trim your HST’s! I’m all for a long-term project, but this one shouldn’t be it.

Happy quilting,


Modern Wedge Quilt
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2 thoughts on “Modern Wedge Quilt

  • September 11, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    Your quilts are wonderful as I enjoyed each one . Love the easy going style which allowed your color choices to shine.

  • September 30, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Although I am 74 years old, I like the modern quilt designs better than older quilt styles.


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