Many quilts are made with one block repeated, until the desired size has been reached. However, just as many quilts are similar to Sparkle Star, where you alternate two blocks to see what happens!

I love the sequence and repetition that we find in quilting making. As the quilt maker, we decide how to turn the blocks and how many to make. The good news is, no matter how you turn these blocks, the star always emerges!

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Sparkle Star

While I was designing Sparkle Star my fabric choices became very important for the secondary design. By using a darker color in the corners, the star is a feature in my quilt. And the reverse could also be true if you opted to use a dark background color where the grey is in my quilt.

I love making star quilts, but I didn’t want to introduce a pattern that was challenging, so this stitch-n-flip block is a great compromise. To make the block you only cut squares, no triangles, so don’t stress it!

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The Log Cabin block is a great basic, that you will love to make! Of course there are many different types of Log Cabin blocks – check out this Pinterest board of Log Cabin quilts. Traditionally the Log Cabin block in Sparkle Star is called the Quarter Log Cabin, because it makes a quarter of a square.

These blocks have a few more pieces, but they stitch together quickly, and I think they are fun to make!

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To quilt Sparkle Star I added a geometric all over pattern. It’s a fun way to add interest to the quilt, without hiding any of the fun piecing. I have dreams of making this one again, in a completely different palette.

What colors would you use?

The Sparkle Star pattern includes four quilt sizes, and lots of help as you sew up your quilt!

Have a question? Leave me a note in the comments – you probably aren’t the only one!


Sparkle Star Quilt
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