This week in the Modern Quilt Block Series we are sewing Rule of Thirds – with diagonal movement and simple piecing this block is a winner! This block would be great for all your low volume fabrics that you like in larger pieces. And mixing up all your scraps.

Rule of Thirds

Using color to create movement is always a fun way to personalize a quilt. Using scrap fabrics in this block to create an entire quilt would be fantastic. Or you can combine this block with other blocks in the series to make a unique creation.

How do you see yourself using this block? I especially love it with Activation, from last week. Mixing the simple block with a more complicated block add visual interest without overwhelm. That said, since all the blocks work together, there’s no limit to the combinations that you could make! Be sure to tag me on social or drop me a note with an image of your quilt – I’d love to see.

This week the Rule of Thirds block is free, next week it will be available for purchase in my shop. 

Pin now, sew later

Save to your favorite quilting boards for inspiration when you need it!

Thanks so much for sewing with me!

xo – Amy

Rule of Thirds Block: Modern Quilt Block Series

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