My Modern Patchwork finish has taken longer than expected. However, I’m beyond excited with the results. Making a quilt is usually not a fast process. There are many decisions to be made, and stitches to make. And so it’s fitting that a year and a half later I’m finally sharing my finished quilt with you!

Modern Patchwork Finish

My Talk of the Town pattern includes five sizes; baby to king size, all fat quarter friendly! This makes it the perfect pattern for those bundles that you love to collect, but can’t seem to cut up. This was the case for me – I had two Arroyo bundles of linen that needed to be in one quilt. I’m so glad I saved them!

Being that my quilt is made with linen and king sized it was a heavy quilt to photograph! Hiding behind the quilt are two of my teens, telling me to hurry – their arms were burning with the weight of the quilt.

I quilted my quilt on the long arm with a large X pattern to give the quilt texture without too much quilting. Knowing that this was going to be used on a bed, I wanted it to be comfortable.

Since taking the photos, I’ve washed and dried the quilt and it’s on the bed. I used lots of starch while preparing the fabrics for cutting, to get the stubborn creases out of the fat quarters. And a wash always feels nice after all the work!

Working on a quilt this large, comes with a different set of challenges. Design wall space is limited and I could really only see half the quilt at a time, but kept moving forward to finish. Trusting that the fabric choices I made in the beginning of the process would work well together in the end. Seeing the finished quilt finally, I love it!

Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along posts:

This quilt-along is still available and perfect for beginner quilters, and more experienced quilters looking to sew up their fat quarter stash. There are videos to walk you through the process of making this simple quilt and all the information applies for a baby to king size quilt. Check out the links below to get started:

Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along — Finished Quilt

2 thoughts on “Modern Patchwork Quilt-Along — Finished Quilt

  • January 4, 2021 at 8:42 am

    Amy…I LOVE scrappy quilts, and the colors mixed into this one is FABULOUS!! It’s amazing how something so unplanned can be so completely spot on as a design. Thanks again for a great “share”!

  • April 26, 2024 at 9:36 pm

    This is certainly a beauty! ❣️
    I also love scrappy quilts and admire your choice of colours, fabrics and precision.
    Love it!


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