I love exploring color in my quilts, and Color Shift is a great place to start! With a few well selected colors, you can create this simple quilt and tell a great story too. In making Color Shift, all of your hard decisions come in the fabric choices. By selecting fabrics in the same color family, you create movement with simple piecing.

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Color Shift

My sample quilt includes these earthy, yellow green solid fabrics, but you can use any color! To select your fabric, I suggest that you first pick one that you want to include, and then build a palette around it. In addition, I suggest selecting your fabrics in person, to grasp the true hue of the colors.

Because the fabric choices are so important, I opted to keep the actual pattern fairly simple to sew. These rectangular blocks just need two seams!

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To quilt my Color Shift quilt, I simply added horizontal lines. However, the lines all vary in how far apart they are from each other. This is an easy way to add additional depth to a quilt top.

For best results, I suggest quilting about an inch apart all over the quilt. Then go back and add more lines to the space in between. This will stabilize your quilt so that it doesn’t shift too much.

Also, sew back and forth when quilting, instead of starting all on one side. That way the quilt remains square as you quilt.

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In the pattern I’ve included four quilt sizes. Because this block is so simple, I decided to scale the blocks up and down, instead of making less or more. Which means, there’s the same amount of cutting no matter which of the four sizes you decide to make!

Have you envisioned your color scheme yet?

There’s so many great options, I can’t wait to see what you decide!


Color Shift Quilt
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